Lee Caldwell - Online Marketing Services in Houston Texas

Do you want to leverage my vast experience to make your mark in the internet sphere? My goal is to transform your business idea into clear, compelling, concise internet marketing strategies that forge powerful connections and conversions with your leads and prospects.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is priceless. The ultimate dream of most ambitious individuals is to eventually become their own boss, work within their schedule, and be able to work from home. But it’s sad that the dream has become a mirage for 97% of the population; their reality is just the opposite of their thoughts. Would you like to have time to with your family and enjoy your life to the fullest? If you answer in the affirmative, I have good news. Affiliate marketing may just be a perfect fit for you. I’m here to take you by the hand to lead you to the place you have always dreamed of – True Time Freedom! Ready? Let’s take a ride together!


Web Design

Your website speaks volumes about you and your business. You need a professional website to attract the right leads to your business and brand. I will pinpoint what your users need and incorporate the same into your design. I’ll always zero in on web design ideas that are critical to your message and eliminate the distractions. The result will be a sleek, attractive and elegant website that attracts quality leads to your business and brand.


Consulting Services

With my consulting services, I’m committed to the following process to ensure you get great results:
Goal Definition: I identify and clearly define your goal to understand what you intend to accomplish.
Planning: I develop strategic and measurable plans to achieve the set goals.
Execution: I move to execution stage to put the plans into action to get the desired results.
Measurement: I measure the results by tracking the execution strategies. The analysis is put in place to ensure I deliver above and beyond your expectations.


Digital Marketing

Are you creating value online? Are you’re marketing efforts attracting people to you on a consistent basis?
Effective digital marketing will help you:
-Increase your traffic
-Educate your audience
-Engage your audience
-Increase conversion rate
-Grow your clientele base

If your marketing campaign is not yielding the desired results, you need to change your approach and fix that immediately. I’m here to assist you with your online marketing strategy. “You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you create in the marketplace.” T. Harv Eker